We help organisations deliver change

In this fast changing and complex world developing sustainable, flexible strategies can be a challenge. Sometimes breakthrough strategies are required to solve seemingly intractable problems and taking people along with you can be hard. We will work with you and your teams to think through why change is (or isn’t) needed, what opportunities could be explored, and the impacts that could be achieved by taking ambitious new approaches. We can help you define the information and other inputs you need to make the strategic decisions that will take you forward. Putting strategies into action involves good planning and rigorous management of the investments i.e. portfolio, programmes, projects and stakeholder engagement. We add value to our client’s in-house capabilities through the provision of a range of Investment (Portfolio), Programme, Project, Stakeholder and Change Management capabilities.

We have learnt that whilst programme and project management are concerned with ‘doing things right’, portfolio management is aimed at ‘doing the right things’ and so often it is the latter that is more of a challenge. Our portfolio management approach enables our clients to identify a balanced and affordable change portfolio that aligns with and demonstrably contributes towards their organisational goals.

Change does not just happen – it has to be actively managed. We provide capabilities to manage change with a range of stakeholders, very often working with in-house communications leaders, training departments and of course line management. We bring extensive experience of working with stakeholders at all levels and with different objectives and expectations. In helping people lead and embrace change, we promote experiential learning delivered through Celemi Business Simulations, which have been used by more than 3.4 million people in over 70 countries to:

  • Practice strategic decision making and see the impact of their decisions
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Secure project success
  • Build financial acumen

Celemi simulations are fun and quite unique, and we encourage you to learn more about them here.

Our toolkit to deliver these services comprises industry standard methodologies and techniques such as [external links]: Design Thinking, Journey Mapping, Appreciative Inquiry, SCARF, GROW, MoP, MSP, Prince2, ADKAR, Gateway Review, Better Business Cases, ISO 31000, Celemi.

These ‘soft’ tools are supported by our in-house web-based portfolio, programme and project management environment. By leveraging our easy-to-use Microsoft Project Server environment, our clients can take advantage of an industry strength tool without having to incur the overheads for configuring, maintaining, operating and sustaining a sophisticated solution that is so critical to the maintenance of accurate, authoritative records for portfolio, programme and project management.