Celemi Performance

Do your people have a shared understanding of what your organisation is up against?  Celemi Performance helps your employees think when, encouraging them to see and take advantage of opportunities.  They will develop a shared understanding of the challenges your organisation is facing so you can unite around the way forward.

In Celemi Performance™, teams exercise their business minds by following the case story of Fenix Inc. 

In three chapters, they help Fenix to get the basics right, create a competitive advantage, and finally to win the business.  Throughout the workshop, participants draw parallels with their own reality, reflecting on the challenges and opportunities for their own business.

Participants will identify opportunities, develop constructive thinking, take decisive action, and unite through shared understanding. They must evaluate the market, analyse information to determine customer needs and strategise to pursue the right customers and the right markets.

A successful market strategy determines whether Fenix Inc. rises or falls.  Regardless, your employees will soar with shared insights about your company’s pressing issues and the way forward.

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Celemi Performance™ is useful when you want to:

  • Frame a strategic planning session.
  • Illustrate how small improvements can have a great effect on the bottom line.
  • Inspire people to focus on what can be done, even when business conditions are harsh.
  • Create a broad, shared understanding of the key issues and factors that influence your business.
  • Remind people of the importance of focusing on customers and understanding their needs.

Celemi Performance™ helps people understand key business concepts of:

  • Business strategy
  • Product lifecycle
  • Disruptive technology
  • Supply-chain efficiency
  • Customer segmentation
  • Short-term vs. long-term profitability
  • Value-added services
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Quick Facts

Key Themes

Key Themes

Strategy, decision-making, disruptive technologies.

Target Group

Target Group

Managers and employees at all levels.



Board-based business simulation with digital support.



At least 4 hours.


Participants per game

4+ per game.


Participant Benefits

In Celemi Performance™, participants will:

  • Realise how small improvements affect the bottom line.
  • Prioritise customers and target their needs.
  • Define key challenges, issues and potential for action.
  • Focus on how to contribute by turning perceived threats into growth opportunities.
  • Gain a broad, shared understanding of your company’s key issues and influential factors.


Workshop Format

Celemi Performance™ is at least a 4 hour workshop aimed at people at all levels in an organisation and can be tailored to your business needs.


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