Celemi Cayenne

The Celemi learning-by-doing approach encourages highly motivated participants, and board-based simulations ensure a high level of interaction.  Working together in an action-oriented way, teams increase awareness of the cross-discipline relationships that are essential for project success.  Celemi Cayenne workshops help people understand the benefits of ‘pulling in the same direction’, showing them what levers they can use to guide their projects, and demonstrating the power of combining a team’s skills and insights.

Celemi Cayenne™ prepares people for the challenges of project work.  The simulation is centred around a company that has just completed a large project which, in hindsight, did not deliver as much business value as was originally expected. The storyline loosely follows a typical IT implementation of a new business system. There were budget and time overruns, and neither the project sponsors nor the end-users seem too satisfied with the result. Participants are asked to go back in time to see if they can identify the key decisions that could have delivered a better result and quickly recognize that you cannot please everybody all the time.  As we all know, the art of project work is to balance the needs of key stakeholders, such as sponsors, project governors, project managers and, of course, the project team, while maintaining focus on those that will benefit from what the project delivers – creating maximum business value with limited resources.

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Celemi Cayenne™ is suitable for all types of organisations, people, and projects. Participants diagnose signs and symptoms of potential problems, and mitigate them using limited resources:

  • Key stakeholders aren’t engaged … should you get their attention or trust your own judgement?
  • New insights arise … should you revise the scope or stick to the plan?
  • The project team is overloaded … should you take quick action or make systematic changes?
  • The project’s late and over-budget … should you adjust the figures or adjust your ambitions?

Celemi Cayenne™ is recommended for people wishing to:

  • Increase staff involvement and commitment.
  • Improve alignment or get an existing project back on track.
  • Set up and prepare an effective project team.
  • Secure the understanding of critical success factors of project work.
  • Increase the engagement in and preparedness for a new project kick-off.
  • Improve decision-making processes to achieve high business value.
  • Establish a proactive behaviour among project team members.
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Quick Facts

Key Themes

Key Themes

Business value, teamwork, decision-making, project success, communication.

Target Group

Target Group

Everyone involved in or affected by a project including sponsors, SRO’s, project managers, business executives, subject matter experts, content providers, experts, end users and support personnel.



Board-based business simulation with digital support.



At least 4 hours.


Participants per game

6+ per game.


Participant Benefits

Through the fiery competition of Celemi Cayenne™, participants will:

  • Gain a holistic understanding of projects and critical success factors.
  • Diagnose signs and symptoms of potential problems and mitigate them.
  • Prioritise to get the most value from limited resources.
  • Assess the conditions for successful project management.
  • Identify and utilize key performance measures.
  • Understand the importance of preparedness and actions from the start.
  • Recognise the art of balancing needs to create maximum business value.
  • Build a common vocabulary and understanding.


Workshop Format

Celemi Cayenne™ is at least a 4 hour workshop aimed at people at all levels in an organisation and can be tailored to your business needs.


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