Celemi Cayenne Experience

Join us in experiencing Celemi Cayenne™ in action – come along and play the game. This session is just four hours and is adapted for leaders and managers engaged in projects as Sponsors, Governance Group members, PMO Managers or similar.

Typically, Celemi Cayenne™is a 6 – 8 hour programme tailored for all those involved in a project. This special offer is designed to ensure you gain sufficient knowledge of the benefits of this way of learning – for yourself, your colleagues, and your teams. You will of course take away valuable insights that you can apply immediately in your organisation – learning through doing, and having fun.


Celemi Cayenne – Securing Project Success

The Celemi learning by doing approach secures highly motivated participants and the board based simulation guarantees a very high level of interaction. Working together, in an action-oriented way, they increase their awareness of cross-disciplinary  relationships essential for project success. This process helps them understand what it takes to pull in the same direction for a project to succeed – as well as what levers to pull and how to bring their combined skills and insights into making a project succeed.  

Celemi Cayenne™prepares people for the challenges of project work. The simulation is centred around a company that has just completed a large project and, in hindsight, it did not deliver as much business value as was originally expected.

CCE mat  

There were budget and time overruns, and neither the project sponsors nor end-users seem too satisfied with the result. Participants are asked to go back in time to see if they can identify the hot buttons and deliver a better result. The challenges are universal. The lessons are memorable.

Participants quickly recognize that you cannot please everybody all the time. As we all know the art of project work is to balance the needs of key stakeholders – sponsors and project governance, project management and of course, the project team, while maintaining laser focus on the people who will derive benefit from what the project delivers – in order to create maximum business value, with limited resources.

Celemi Cayenne™ is suitable for all types of organisations, companies and projects.